How do I transfer my MBE score to another state?

The Board does not release MBE scores to successful applicants. If you would like to have your score transferred to another state, please contact the NCBE.

Beginning 12/12/2016, applicants may use the NCBE MBE Score Advisory to learn if their score is sufficient for admission solely on the basis of an MBE score in the three jurisdictions that have this method of admission (District of Columbia, Minnesota, and North Dakota). An MBE Score Advisory will not state the examinee's scaled MBE score but will advise if the examinee's score meets or exceeds the scores required by the District of Columbia (133 score required), Minnesota (145 score required), and North Dakota (150 score required) to qualify for admission solely on the basis of an MBE score.

To use the MBE Score Advisory Service, please visit: