Should I wait until I see that all of my items are uploaded before sending payment?

No. While you do need to wait until you have submitted your Synergy application to send in payment, you should not wait to send in payment until you think all of your documents have been received. The earlier we receive payment the better. Many items, such as letters of recommendation sent directly to the Board and law degree verifications, will never be visible to you, the applicant. Additionally, we do not review applications for missing documents or send notice of such until after payment is received. Once payment is received, applications are reviewed and emails are sent if any items are missing, time permitting. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications and send payment well before the deadline; otherwise, we may not be able to review applications and inform applicants if required documents are missing. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received and paid. Notification is a courtesy. Failure of the Board to notify an applicant of a deficiency does not entitle the Applicant to an extension of time to submit the required documentation.

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