Practice Pending Admission

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7, Sections 10.07

Practice Pending Admission for Applicants Licensed in Another Jurisdiction  

Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 7, Section10.07 includes provisions for applicants licensed in another U.S. jurisdiction1 to practice under certain conditions upon submission of an Application to Tennessee for Admission without Examination, an Application to Tennessee for Admission by Transferred UBE Score, or an Application for Temporary License Pursuant to Rule 7, Section 10.06 (Military Spouse)

Attorneys holding an active license to practice law and in good standing in another jurisdiction in the United States, District of Columbia or a U.S. Territory who:

  • Have submitted an application for admission without examination/comity, by transferred UBE score1, or for temporary license under section 10.062; and
  • Move to Tennessee and begin employment or open an office prior to approval for licensing and admission to the bar of Tennessee

may provide legal services in this jurisdiction during the pendency of the application for admission but for no more than 365 days under certain circumstances. Please see Rule 7, Section10.07 and Policy P-5.01 for complete details. The right to practice pending admission terminates as provided in Rule 7, Section 10.07(c) but is valid no more than 365 days.

The Application to Register for Practice Pending Admission can be found in the forms at the bottom of this page. Submit the completed form and payment by check by mail to:

Tennessee Board of Law Examiners

511 Union Street, Suite 525

Nashville, TN, 37219


For application and registration requirements, see Board Policies and Procedures P-3.05 and P-5.01.

2 For an application for temporary license pursuant to Rule 7, Section 10.06, you must mail to the Board the application with all attachments including the NCBE application and Certificates of Good Standing, and pay the fee. 

3 The TBLE does not accept credit cards for Practice Pending Admission Registration Applications at this time. The fee is $40 for Registration and $25 to Re-register. Please be sure to clearly mark your name and NCBE number on the check or money order; you may pay in cash in person.