When are interviews for exam applicants?

Interviews are conducted after the exam. They are typically conducted in March for February exams and August and September for July exams. The BLE office does not schedule interviews; you will be contacted by your interviewer directly. Interviews are assigned based on the county chosen in the exam applications. If you wish the change the county you selected for your interview, you must submit a request in writing by email to BLE.administrator@tncourts.gov no later than ten (10) days after the exam and you must explain why the change is neccessary. Please note that while every effort is made to schedule applicants in their selected counties, we do not always have enough interviewers in each of the 95 Tennessee counties. If the selected county is not available, applicants are typically scheduled in a contiguous county when possible.

Applicants must appear for a personal interview. The preference of the Board is for the interview to be conducted in person. However, in cases of extreme hardship, you may file a written request via email to BLE.administrator@tncourts.gov for a Skype/Facetime or similar video conference interview. The interviewer must agree to the request before your request will be submitted to the Board for consideration.The request must include an explanation as to why the Applicant cannot appear in person at the interview.  Travel requirements alone do not constitute a hardship.

Re-exam Applicants are typically only required to appear for another interview if it has been more than two years since the last interview or there have been significant amendments to the applicantion since the previous interview.

The interview requirement cannot be waived. Applicants will not be eligible for licensing until the interview has been completed. For more info See Board Policies and Procedure P-6.02.

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